NEW! Two-piece powervalves for Aprilia RS 250 and Suzuki RGV 250


In order to eliminate the known weak points of the original two-piece powervalves, we have optimized them by a new design. By inserting special radii and stronger geometries, the notch effect at critical points is counteracted.

This results in the following advantages of the new powervalves:

  • Reduced formation of hairline cracks on the upper part of the powervalve

  • The reduced formation of hairline cracks minimizes the probability of powervalve fractures and the risk of engine damage

  • Already inserted power increase of approx. 3 HP. This eliminates the need for further manual processing of the powervalves

Furthermore value was attached to:

  • The selection of a special, high quality aluminium alloy with excellent heat resistance

  • A special coating with the best technical properties:

    • Highest abrasion resistance

    • Improved hardness of the surface

    • Very good wear protection

    • Best gliding properties

  • A highly professional, state-of-the-art CNC production

Introductory price per set: 399,- EUR
(One set consisting of: 4 powervalve upper parts, 4 powervalve lower parts and required mounting material)
(Stop sleeves are not part of the set)

These two-piece powervalves are tuning parts.

This optimization and implementation of the elimination of weak points is an idea of MuS Förster and protected from imitation at the German Patent and Trademark Office!
(Utility model no. 202020000597 & no. 202020002307)


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